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The Benefits of Using a Dermal Matrix in Breast Augmentation Revision | Cosmetic Surgery Chronicle

Although plastic surgery is not without risk, it has many physical benefits but also emotional and internal. Most people are apprehensive to cosmetic surgery, which is quite normal, but the advances made in recent years are impressive and contributed to the growing popularity of the surgery. The first benefits of cosmetic surgery are of course purely cosmetic. It allows a person to give the much desired picture. In other cases, cosmetic surgery corrects the defects, allowing the person to have a healthier look. Plastic surgery is so popular with women because it allows for a makeover. It thus allows for a cleaner look, which gives the patient more confidence in himself and can have very positive effects on it.
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practice for women who have cosmetic or reconstructive augmentation. One of my favorite advances in this field in the past few years that can benefit a lot of patients is the use of a dermal matrix to enhance results and lower the rate of any complications recurring. Dermal matrices are biomaterial made using skin from which cells have been removed. The result is a sterile lattice-style framework of tissue upon which a patients own cells can grow and eventually replace. Originally developed as an alternative to skin grafting for burn patients, they were first adapted for use in breast surgery in 2001 and have become an increasingly more common part of both reconstructive and cosmetic breast procedures. A study in the May issue of Aesthetic Surgery Journal concluded that using a dermal matrix as part of breast augmentation revision surgery was highly successful and safe. Complications such as capsular contracture and rippling recurred in only 1 percent of the cases studied. A study I co-authored in 2012 that was published in the Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery concluded that dermal matrices may be useful in the treatment of implant complications, specifically capsular contracture, which is the primary complication following augmentation procedures.
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